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How to Stay Healthy on Holiday

Whether you holiday with friends, your family, or simply with your significant other, a vacation can be a great way to rest, unwind and forget about everyday stresses and worries. With the correct preparation, a holiday can leave you feeling happier and healthier, but if you don’t take the proper precautions, you could find that your vacation leaves you feeling drained or ill. Don’t worry, by following our three-step guide to feeling healthy on holiday, you can enjoy a vacation that you’ll remember for all the right reasons.

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Be Vaccinated and Be Ready

If you are traveling to an exotic location for a vacation, then it’s possible that you may need a vaccination or vaccinations before you travel. Many countries have serious diseases such as malaria that are not found in the United States, meaning that you’ll have no natural resistance against them, and that makes vaccinations an essential part of your holiday planning. Talk to medical professionals and travel vaccinations specialists before you travel and ensure that you have all the vaccinations that are recommended for the country you’re visiting. This will give you added peace of mind, as well as helping you avoid potentially dangerous illnesses.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

When the warm sun is on our skin, we feel great, and it can give us a healthy glow too, but it’s important to remember that it can also bring damaging effects that can have terrible consequences. Exposure to the sun can produce the happy hormone serotonin, but it also brings UVA and UVB radiation that can be damaging to our skin. This can lead to painful sun burn or even skin cancer, so it’s vitally important that we protect ourselves using a high factor sun cream. Sun protection should be applied around half an hour before heading into the sun, and re-applied at regular intervals throughout the day, particularly if you’ve been in water. It goes without saying that this is even more important if you have young children in your party.

Keep Hydrated

One of the major sources of illness on holiday is what we eat and drink, and it’s especially important to check what you’re about to eat if you have any special dietary requirements, for example if you’re gluten intolerant or have a nut allergy. It’s also important, however, to ensure that you are drinking enough fluids, particularly in a hot climate. Experts say that we should drink about one and a half liters of water every day, that’s around eight regular glasses, but in warm temperatures the intake should be increased as we lose moisture through sweating. Failure to keep hydrated can leave us feeling drained and ill, so always carry bottled water with you.

Limiting your exposure to the sun, wearing sun hats or baseball caps, applying sun cream, and drinking lots of water are essential tools in the battle against vacation illness, as is getting the necessary holiday vaccinations for your destination. By following this simple advice you’ll have more energy during your holiday and after you return, so that you’ll feel as great as you look.

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